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AHC Private Real Eye Cream For Face Season 5~ 60ml 五代韓國AHC第五代眼霜60ml 玻尿酸去黑眼圈細紋抗皺緊致保濕

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AHC Private Real Eye Cream For Face Season 5~ 60ml ~Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle ~ Luxury home total esthetic care with eye cream ~ 8 peptide, collagen, Bio Metic Water, Eco Cert, 10 types of natural extracts . AHC Real Eye Cream For Face was chosen to be the top 5 eye cream in the Beauty Award “Get it Beauty” and voted the best eye cream in the general public blind test at the Beauty Award 2012 jointly held by Allure, a cosmetics magazine, and Get It Beauty program at On Style, a cable TV channel, where 900 products from 170 brands competed for the contest. Combat Dark Circle and Puffiness : Enriched with effective ingredients which help getting rid of dark circles and puffiness. Intensive Skin Hydration : Offers and maintains high moisturizing levels in skin, and prevents/improves fine lines due to dehydration. Revitalization : Improves the elasticity of your skin and strengthens skin at the same time. Enriched Nutrition: EGF dermatotropic formula delivers highly concentrated nourishing agents. Ingredients are extracted from natural fruits, vegetables, and plants, and are good for sensitive skin. Main Ingredients EGF, a peptide, macadamia seed oil, green tea seed oil Directions Take proper amount and apply to the eye area. Dab around to spread smoothly for proper absorption. This eye cream can be used as face cream. AHC 第五代全效水乳多修复眼霜 主要功效: 修复黑眼圈,改善眼部皮肤晦暗 A.H.C是天然化妆品和医学化妆品的结合,具有世界级水准的高科技。它崇尚绿色、天然、纯净和安全。 因此,无论是敏感性,还是问题性等各种皮肤,每个人都可以放心使用。现实中很多 肌肤问题持续不能得到改善,或者长期缺乏健康生气,A.H.C让这些问题得到彻底改善, 令肌肤重新散发活力。A.H.C 韩国知名药妆品牌之王 . 使用方法: 取适量,轻轻涂抹于眼周皮肤,适当按摩吸收。也可用于法令纹,颈纹,额头纹及全脸。 * 防止干纹改善眼皱。 * 消除眼袋,浮肿,提拉紧致。 * 去除眼睛周围的不均匀色素,黑眼圈。 * 改善眼周肌肤松弛,修复保湿,提升眼部弹力。 * 新款眼霜增强了美白功能,全面改善肤色暗淡问题,天然美白。 * 新款眼霜不仅适用于祛眼皱,还可用于面部皱纹、法令纹、额头纹、颈纹,一瓶多用~ 【适合肤质】:所有肌肤类型均可使用,孕妇也可以放心使用哦。


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