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JAYJUN Refine to Shine Vita Snow Blocellulose Mask 5pcs 水光胎盘美白面膜一盒5片【JAYHUN皮肤科 水疗胎盘面膜】

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JAYJUN Vita Snow Placenta Mask Pack contains Sheep Placenta Extract and Vitamin Complex that provide much nutrients to the skin and help to keep the skin clean & clear.

主要功效:收缩毛孔 美白亮化肌肤 淡化痘印色素生成 减少色斑 高效保湿 胎盘面膜 美白 内涵高效水分滞留超强保湿力的透明质酸 让肌肤晶亮透白,肤若凝脂。可以抑制黑色素形成,防止色斑形成


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